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Why are my videos slow to play?


Videos that are slow to download or play are usually related to a slow network.  Here are some suggestions for determining and resolving the problem, and the first one or two may be enough to resolve it:

1)  Try exiting the course and selecting it again.  If there was a brief network problem that got the video into a confused state, this may be enough to resolve it.

2) At least some of the training videos let you choose the resolution in the controls under the video. Selecting a lower resolution may speed up download. See attachment "VideoQualitySelection.png". 

3) Try a different browser. (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)

4) Check network speed at

5) Check to see if other types of videos are also slow to download. If so, then there may be something on your network causing slowness or some other processing on your system causing slowness. 

6) Reload the page without using the cache. This is normally Ctrl-F5 (instead of the normal F5 refresh) in Windows.  For a Mac, this is usually Command + Shift + R.

7) Clear the browser cache. Instructions for this vary by browser.  Submit a Help Desk ticket if you need assistance finding the instructions for your browser.

VideoQualitySelection.png VideoQualitySelection.png

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