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What if I cannot print the PDF document I downloaded from MyOCC?


PDF documents can fail to print for many reasons, and some of these may be specific to the features used inside a document and what the printer software on your computer supports.  In many cases, you can work around the problem by either opening the document with different software or changing the settings for printing the document.

One simple workaround you could try is to see if you can open/print the PDF from another program:

  • Go to Windows Explorer where you can see the PDF file in a directory.
  • Right-click on the file. 
  • Go to the “Open with” selections. (see screenshot "SelectProgramToOpenPDF")
  • If that menu has multiple options, try a different one than you normally use. “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC” is a good choice, but if you don’t see that one listed, you could try a different one. 
  • Once you have opened the file, try the print option in that program. 


Another workaround is to select to print the document as an image:  

  • Select the print menu for the document.  
  • Click the Advanced button next to the printer selection.  (see screenshot "PDFPrint-AdvancedButton") 
  • Check the box next to the setting "Print as Image".  (see screenshot "PDFPrint-PrintAsImage")



SelectProgramToOpenPDF.png SelectProgramToOpenPDF.png
PDFPrint-AdvancedButton.png PDFPrint-AdvancedButton.png
PDFPrint-PrintAsImage.png PDFPrint-PrintAsImage.png

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