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My online training is stuck and will not advance to the next module.


If you are unable to go to the next part of a course, there are a couple of things that can cause this:

1)  Sometimes a module does not properly mark itself complete after you have watched the video and closed the browser tab that was opened for viewing it.  As you complete each section in the Table of Contents for a course and click NEXT, it should mark that section complete (checkmarks are visible in the Table of Contents) and move to the next section.  When you close the browser tab, the module should be marked complete and enable the next module.  If this does not occur, open the eLearning module again.  You may see that some of the sections in the Table of Contents do not have checkmarks.  If this occurs, you do not need to watch the entire video again, but you can try to access the sections that are not marked complete.  Then when you close the browser tab, it should mark itself complete.  If you are stuck in a module that will not mark itself complete properly, open a MyOCC Help Desk ticket so that we can mark the module complete to let you proceed to the next module.  

NOTE:  If an eLearning course does not mark itself complete, log out of MyOCC and back in before attempting the next course.  If you need to pause a course and come back to it later, it is recommended that you close the course and log out since the course stuck problem tends to occur when online training has been left open for a long time.

2)  If you fail an assessment twice, it will not let you proceed with the rest of the course until your assessment has been unlocked to allow you to retake it.  You can contact your Regional Office or open a MyOCC Help Desk ticket to have your course unlocked. 

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