My online training is stuck and will not advance to the next section

There are three cases where the online training will prevent you from going to the next part of a course:


Case #1:  

If the online training will not let you retake an assessment that was previously failed, the failed assessment needs to be unlocked to allow you to retake it.  Please contact your Regional Office or open a MyOCC Help Desk ticket to have your course unlocked.



Case #2:

Navigating the newest courses such as the Prayer Team training works a little differently than the older courses.  

Tips for completing these newer types of courses:

* It is recommended that you complete the course in one session rather than pausing and coming back to it later.  Each Prayer Team course contain less than 10 minutes of video content, so it should not be too lengthy to complete a course in a single session.

* Each section of the course requires completing all the activities in that section before advancing to the next section.

* At the end of your eLearning session, there is a green button at the bottom labeled "Exit Course." Make sure you click that button when you have finished the course so that it will mark itself complete and allow you to move onto the rest of your training.  If you close the training without clicking the "Exit Course" button, it will not mark the course complete.



Case #3:

You cannot access the assessment until the eLearning course is complete.  In the older style courses, sometimes an eLearning course will not mark itself complete after you have watched all of the videos and you close the browser tab that was opened for viewing it.   

The problem with a course not marking itself complete tends to occur in these circumstances:

* An older browser version is used.  Or the browser used is not a fully featured browser.

* A course is left open for many hours.  

* Several courses are completed back-to-back and the online training has been open for more than an hour when the last course is completed.

* The network connection is slow or was interrupted.


If this problem occurs, please do the following steps:

1)  If you see a red banner at the top with a button that says "send error to support", then a network error occurred and is affecting the training.  Please click the button to send the error information so that the problem can be investigated further.  

2)  Make sure you are using an up-to-date version of a supported browser:  Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.  With some unsupported browser versions, you will continue to experience the problem until you update your browser or change to a different browser.  

3)  Log out of the online training and MyOCC, then log back in.  

4)  Open the eLearning course again.  There should checkmarks on every section that you completed.  If there are checkmarks on some sections but not every section, then you can try to access just the sections that are not marked complete so that they will also have checkmarks.  Then when you close the browser tab, the course should mark itself complete.

5)  If you cannot easily get the course to mark itself complete, please open a MyOCC Help Desk ticket so that we can get you to the next part of the course.


To avoid this stuck course problem in the future:

* Make sure that your browser is updated to a current version.  

* You may also try a different browser to see if it works better, but Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge are all supported browsers as long as the version is recent.

* If you need to pause a course and come back to it later, it is recommended that you close the course and log out instead of leaving the training open.

* If you are logged into the online training for more than an hour while completing several courses, you may want to log out and back in to ensure it does not timeout.


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