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Where is my Ministry Specific Training?


If you do not see your Ministry Specific Training in the Current Courses tab of your Online Training dashboard, there can be several reasons for this:

1)  If you are new to the online training...The "eLearning Introduction" and "OCC Fundamentals" courses must be completed before your Ministry Specific Training appears.  For most roles, your first role-specific course is an overview for your role.  After that course is completed, other courses for your role will appear in your Current Courses tab.  The first few courses in your online training appear one at a time in order to lead you through the basic courses before the courses that build on that foundation.

2)  If you have already completed all of the Ministry Specific Training for your role, then those courses will be in your Completed Courses tab instead of Current Courses.  Most ministry specific courses are NOT updated each year.  To view the courses again as a refresher, you can access courses you have previously taken in the Completed Courses tab.

3)  If you have recently changed roles and you do not see the courses for your new role, it is possible that your new role has not been synchronized with your training records.  Open a MyOCC Help Desk ticket to request assistance with this.

4)  If your role is related to Drop-off Locations

  • Your primary training resource is the training available in the Online Training dashboard in MyOCC. 
  • To supplement what is in the Online Training, there are also some resources available in Downloadable Resources.  One way to search for them is to select "Logistics" under the ministry position category plus "Training" under resource types then the green Search button.  The "COLLECTION NETWORK HOW-TO TRAINING VIDEOS.PDF" document has links to several how-to videos.  Note that some of the details covered in the logistics training resources vary from year to year, so these should be reviewed after they are updated each year. 


If you still have questions about your training, open a MyOCC Help Desk ticket. 

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