Why don't I receive emails from OCC?

If you do not receive emails from MyOCC, then the emails are likely being filtered as spam or junk.  

First, check any spam or junk folders in your email to see if the email was redirected to that folder.  For example, Gmail tends to put some OCC emails in the folder called "Junk" or filter them with Promotions if you have not taken steps below to mark them as emails that you want to receive.  Depending on your email provider, the software you use to access your email, and software you use to protect from junk or harmful emails, there may be more than one spam or junk folder to check.  

If the email is not found in any spam or junk folders, your email provider may be silently blocking email from MyOCC and not allowing it appear at all in your Inbox or junk folders.  Depending on your email provider, you may need to update spam filtering settings, whitelist settings, Safe Sender list, or other setting that control what emails can get to your Inbox.  You may need to contact your email provider for assistance with why emails were blocked and settings that could affect this.

To prevent email from OCC from being treated as junk email, it is recommended that you add the following email addresses to your email address book and/or mark these as Safe Senders:

     noreply@samaritan.org   (most MyOCC emails are sent from this address)


     myocc@samaritan.org (MyOCC Help Desk ticket replies are sent from this address)

     occevents@samaritan.org  (most emails related to events are sent from this address)

     support@crowdcompassmail.com  (some emails related to events are sent from this domain)

     cvent-planner.com  (some emails related to events are sent from this domain)

Note that these should be updated in the email address book directly connected to your email account rather than the address book used only in the software where you view the mail.  For example, add these addresses in the web mail access to your email, not Outlook on your computer.

Another option is to use a different email address for your MyOCC account.  If you don't have another email address, then you can create another email account such as a Gmail account.  

If this does not resolve the issue, please open a MyOCC Help Desk ticket so that we can investigate further.  


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