What information is needed in order to submit an event?

Below is a list of all form fields. 

  • Event Category (Options include: Countdown Event, Packing Party, Prayer Event, Project Leader Workshop, Recruitment Event, or OCC Spokesperson Event, Open House)*
  • Event Title (Internal use only)*
  • Description (500 character limit)*
  • Start/End Date*
  • Start/End Time*
  • Web Page (For use with a web page when registration is not required, like Facebook or online Calendar Post)
  • Registration Link (For use with a registration site for this event somewhere else, like Google Forms or Evite.com)
  • Format (Local or Virtual)*
  • Location Name*
  • Address (Optional if Virtual)
  • City*
  • State*
  • Zip Code*
  • Link to Virtual Event (Virtual events only)
  • Host Name*
  • Host Email*
  • Host Phone*


*Indicates a required field

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